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Mini-Lunken 1.5km

Mini-Lunken is the race for our smaller heroes aged 12 and under born in 2012 or later as well as Seniors 65+. The race is short and intense for some. For others, it might be the longest they've ever run. What they all have in common is that they get their challenge.


The start is at Svängen and you begin to run north on the main road. After about 500 meters, you turn into the forest and follow the shortcut towards Södersunda. Halfway, you pass what we call the 'Mulle Meck house'... you'll understand.

Once back on the road, turn right and head towards Svängen again. When you smell the scent of freshly baked buns from Låttas Hembageri, it's only 50 meters left to the finish line at Svängen's gravel plan. You made it!

Click here to download the map and course description.

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