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Info before the RUNmarö races

It is our ambition that RUNmarö should be a familiar, pleasant and professionally organized race. As part of this, we have collected most of the questions we have received in recent years below. If you can't find what you are looking for, send an email to us via the contact form and we will respond as soon as we can.


We also want to highlight that the organization behind the race consists of a committed family who do this in their spare time because we enjoy it. Therefore some things will not work like big races and some info you may simply find out when you get out to the island.  

The arena for the day

Everything around the RUNmarö race takes place at Svängen, which is about a 10-minute walk from Strysvik.  Svängen is Runmarö's natural hub and social place that we have come to love. Fredrik, Madde and the gang have created a wonderful oasis for us to meet over great food, a glass of wine or an ice cream on a sunny day. Therefore, with our small large event, we want to contribute as much as we can to Svängen. Feel free to buy lunch, an ice cream, something to drink and stay for dinner at Svängen under RUNmarö and everyone will be happy.  

Registration opens 1/5

Registration and payment takes place in advance via the website and opens May 1st at 09.00. There is a total of 120 spots for Lunken and 150 for Halvmarathon to buy in advance. The races usually sell-out well in advance and in that case we will release an extra 30 spots / race at 09.00 the day before race-day (saturday). 

What does the race cost?

Our ambition is that the races will not cost more than a couple of ice creams and we are therefore incredibly grateful to our sponsors who help us every year. Mini-Lunken costs only SEK 60. Lunken and the Halvmarathon cost SEK 85-115 and SEK 235-265 respectively depending on when you register. We donate 20% of the surplus to a good cause.  

Can I as a company sponsor the race?

Of course we will be very happy if local companies want to sponsor the race. We are not looking for money, but rather something that enhances the experience for the participants and creates an even more wonderful event. It can be sponsoring the medals, the prize table or something else that is appreciated by runners. Just contact if you want to hear more.  

How are the courses marked?

The courses will be marked with fixed signs, so-called enduro arrows and also 1km markings along the Half Marathon. The signs for Lunken and Halvmarathon are up all year round, so feel free to come out and test run if you want.  

Energy during the races

During Mini-Lunken and Lunken 5.7km there are no planned energy stations except at the start and finish. Every year, all the lovely Runmarö residents help us with at least 4-5 energy stations along the Half Marathon course. At Gatan the energy is at a max, at Nore they usualy serve pickles at one of the most beatiful energy stations, in Söderby the children cheer like never before and in Solberga you can get both water, banana and a shower of water if Bazooka-Elliot is at home. The energy stations have shared glasses / mugs, so the sensitive person should bring their own mug / bottle. Make sure to thank everyone at the energy stations a little extra, we are so grateful for their support. 

Race bibs the day before

You can collect your race bib the day before on Saturday between 18-20 at Svängen or on race day and then preferably as early as possible. If you are on the island, we would really appreciate if you could come to Svängen the evening before and pick up your bibs so the queues will be as short as possible on race day. One person can pick up several bibs, so send a friend rather than wait until Sunday.  

Race bibs on race day 

On the race day, bibs can be picked up at Låttas Bakery, which is about 350m from Styrsvik and 50m past Svängen. Bibs for Mini-Lunken can be picked up at Svängen. 


To collect a bib, you must be registered to a race. We can not accept registrations on site at the tables, so you need to fix it before you approach the table. You register and pay via the website as long as there are places left, it is fine to do it on your mobile.


In your Race PM, the start number will be listed and you can also see it under the Start List .  

Bibs collected after the race

Just like previous years, we want to ask everyone to submit their bib after the race so we can wash them and use them again, which benefits both the environment and the economy around the race.  

Late registration and admin

To the extent we have time, we will help with admin such as changing name, class or similar. This is done at our tent at Svängen. But if we do not have time, we will have to solve it afterwards.  

Race Meeting at 12.40

We will hold a short race meeting in Swedish at Svängen at 12.40 to go through the courses and some other important information.  

The information continues below


Getting to Runmarö

Runmarö is located a stone's throw from Stavsnäs which is on the mainland. You will need to go by boat the last bit to Styrsvik  which takes about 5 minutes with Vaxholmsbolaget. If you come with your own boat, Runmarö Båtvarv has a guest harbor and is about a 2km walk to Svängen. Try to call in advance, but if you do not get a hold of anyone, you can find staff on site who can show which jetty to use. If you do not find anyone, just use a suitable spot and see if you can resolve it afterwards. Read more about how to get to Runmarö, accommodation etc. here .


Accommodation on Runmarö
There are a few housing options on the island. On Runmarös website there are a couple of links.

Mini-Lunken 11.00 - for kids born 2012 and later and Seniors 65+

We start Mini-Lunken as soon as everyone coming with the ferry hace arrived. If you have smaller children, please make sure that they are in the back of the pack so they don't trip or get injured during the start. It is fine for parents to run with their children throughout the race, but make sure that all other children have a room and that you are not in the way. Immediately after the race everyone will receive a medal and we will hold the awards ceremony as soon as the last runner has finished. 

Lunken 5.7km and Half Marathon at 13.00

The goal is to start both races at the same time at 13.00, but it can be a little later if runners are stil queing for their race bibs. The race has a time limit of 3 hours. The awards ceremony will take place at approximately 15.30-16.00 at Svängen. Prize for place 1-3 in the men's and women's class in both races and a trophy for the ones in the races.  

Canicross runners - free start from 12:50

As the class is new, we will offer Canicross participants an opportunity to start their race about 10 minutes before the mass start so the dogs are not too stressed. 

Valuables during the races

There is no official storing of valuables during the day. However, it's fine to leave a bag at Svängen while you run but at your own risk.


Results directly on

You will see the results directly on the website, so please do not come forward and ask us when we are in the middle of cheering and registering all the finish times. Go to and click Results. Since we have added classes this year, you can also see how you placed in your particular class.  

Prizes for winners

Of course we have prizes for winners linked to the place we are at. Mini-Lunk runners win ice cream at Svängen. Lunken and Half Marathon winners will besides a trophy, also recieve gift cards at Svängen to use directly.  

Food and coffee during the day

Next door to Svängen is Låttas Bageri , who offer coffee, pasteries and a sandwiches. Runmarö Lanthandel is about 5 minutes walk from Svängen. There will be a healthy runner lunch at Svängen. Feel free to shop a bit at all these places during the day.


Safety during the races

There is no special safety or medical staff aling the courses or at the start and finish. On the other hand, there are CPR trained personnel at Svängen and a defibrillator that we borrow from Runmarö Fire Brigade. Should an accident happen, we ask all runners to help each other and of course call 112 if it is serious.  


Shower or bath after the flea

Unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to offer showers after the race. However, there are plenty of bathing places near Svängen. We recommend the a place Rio at Uppeby which is located here  and Jerkers Udde which is here . About 1-1.5km walk to both.


Svängen is a small bistro on an archipelago island and the facilities are limited. Therefore we ask as many as possible to use nature for their lighter needs. There will be a marked area in the meadow across the road. That way we can save both water and reduce the queues. 


Dinner and After Run party at Svängen

In the evening, a wonderful runner dinner is served. It needs to be booked in advance and is full every year, so do not wait until the day of the race to book. If you are not at the dinner, come afterwards and hang out with us and the band. You book a table on 0734439284.  

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