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Race rules for RUNmaröloppen

1. Race Management

Organizer: Edsbäckens IF c/o Roman Edsbäcksvägen 46 19135 Sollentuna

Responsible: Nicholas Roman, Solberga, Runmarö

Contact: / 0702916030

2. Race course

Map of the race track is available at the start and finish. The race track is marked, and participants must follow the marked track. Participants who do not follow the marked track may be disqualified. There will be several basic refreshment stations along the track with water. The race management reserves the right to change the race track, and it may be altered until the start.

3. Equipment

All participants must carry their equipment from start to finish. The race bib must be clearly visible from the front during the race.

4. Participants' Responsibilities

Each participant is obligated to know the race rules and to follow them. By paying the entry fee, participants agree to the race rules for RUNmaröloppen. Participants compete in the race at their own risk. The race management recommends that participants check their insurance coverage for accidents or similar incidents before the start. All participants must show consideration for other participants, race management, spectators, and residents near the race track. Each participant is obliged to help another participant who is injured, ill, or in need of urgent assistance to the best of their ability. There is no emergency medical care, healthcare, or similar available along the track. Basic medical aid and CPR-trained personnel are available at the start and finish areas. If a participant becomes acutely ill during the race, they are advised to call 112 for emergency assistance. Participants who withdraw from the race must notify race officials as soon as possible. Participants are not allowed to litter in nature. If a participant litters, they will be disqualified.


5. About the Jury, Protests, and Penalties

The jury consists of at least two and at most four members from the race management. The jury interprets and decides according to the race rules, decides in the event of a protest, decides on disqualification, and has decision-making authority regarding changes to the track and race rules. The jury is competent if at least two members have participated in the decision. The jury may decide in a situation not covered by these race rules using good judgment and common sense. The jury's decision is final and cannot be appealed. A protest must be in writing and submitted to the jury no later than 1 hour after finishing. A protest must include (i) time and place, (ii) start number(s) of the parties involved, (iii) reason for the protest, and (iv) information about any witnesses. A protest that does not meet the above conditions will be rejected.


6. Binding Agreement and Name Changes

Registration for RUNmaröloppen is binding and non-refundable regardless of the reason. As a participant, you can transfer your spot to another participant directly on under "My Races." A small administrative fee will be charged for this. It is possible to change the name on a purchased bib number if time permits on the day of the race. Otherwise, it can be done afterwards. If the organizer is forced to cancel RUNmaröloppen due to circumstances beyond their control such as extreme weather, fire, pandemic, or similar, the registration fee will not be refunded, but the spot will be deferred to the next event if possible. If the race is canceled by the organizer for reasons other than those stated above, the registration fee will be fully refunded. The race management recommends that participants take out some form of insurance in case illness or injury prevents participation. Such insurance can be purchased directly on during registration.


7. Media

The race management and organizer have the right to photograph and film race participants throughout the race day. Participants grant the race organization the right to use images and footage taken during the race freely for marketing, press material, internet, TV, and film within the framework of RUNmaröloppen. No information, data, images, or similar will be shared or sold to third parties outside the scope of RUNmaröloppen.


8. Handling of Personal Data (GDPR)

By registering for the race, participants give the organizers the right to handle and store their personal data. Data handled includes name, gender, email, team name, bib number, and results. Participants give the organizer the right to communicate with them via email before and after the event. Participants also give the organizer the right to communicate offers and information from third parties such as partners, sponsors, etc.


9. Have Fun Clause

It is the responsibility of each participant to try to have as much fun as possible during the race and to create a pleasant atmosphere for fellow participants. The experience is central, not the time or rankings!

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