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Halvmarathon 21km ((the map is interactive and you can zoom in and out)

The start goes north via Gatan and then passes the historic Långvik and Stenbro before following the trail path to Nore. In Nore, you round the RUNmarö Half Marathon stone and get a divine view of Sandhamn.

Pass Svängen after about 11km and turn up to Runmarö Lanthandel. Follow the road through Lugnet to Gatan and turn right onto the main road. Take a left at Hembygdsgården and after about 2km in Kila, turn right onto trail section 2 towards Söderby.

From Söderby, there is a tough climb before you turn left towards Solberga. Pass Solberga farm and get a well-deserved and beautiful downhill through Solberga and the hydration station at our place.

Turn left in Vånö village and about 1.5km left to the finish at Svängen. Near the horse paddock and the old Post Office, a 500m sign is posted on the left side and you can put in a magnificent final sprint!

STIFA 8.05 (elevation gain 169m / distance 21km)

Click here to download the map and course description.

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