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Information about a sold-out race

If you are reading this that means that the Half Marathon is sold out. We limit the amount of spots available to ensure a professional and familiar race, and at the same time not affecting the islands infrastructure and nature too much. The island is big but small at the same time.

Last chance 22/7 at 18.00 at Svängens Krog

The final chance to secure a spot is the day before, on July 22nd at Svängens Krog. We will be there and offer the last 30 spots for sale. You must come physically to Svängen and can only purchase 2 spots /person. It could be a good idea to come early as there usually forms a que before 18:00.

Another way to grab a spot could be to buy one from a racer not making it to the start. A good place to look for one is the Facebook-event or one of the Facebook groups on the island. You can easily transfer a spot on the platform where the spot was bought without our involvement.

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